The company

Nightbook began in 2014 with a singular mission: to innovate the whole Nightlife Industry. Nightbook solutions are both for club goers and for venue managers.

The young and dynamic team puts together multiple skilled people coming from IT, Nightlife Industry and Communication to provide specific services complying with the real needs of the Industry.

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Erik Tornaboni - Founder

Civil Lawer in Italy with professional partnerships in New York with a great passion for digital technologies. One of his marking features? Enthusiasm! He is a Judoka specialist in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu discipline who practices and teaches. He loves jazz music and peanut-addicted!

Massimo Terenziani – Co-Founder and CEO

Computer engineer with over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector. He has participated in several startups as a manager and entrepreneur. His motto? Nothing is impossible, just believe it! Triathlete and passionately fond of Apple devices. He needed Nightbook to be taken back to the club!

Giovanni Amerighi - Sales Manager

Physiotherapist and author of books about wellness, nightlife industry hit him unexpectedly, but this has been his job for years. He does not understand the kind of music he prefers! His playlists go from the '60s, the disco dance to get to heavy metal! His favorite hobby? To be a guinea pig for culinary experiments!

Silvia Tavani – Marketing & Content Manager

Degree in Communication Sciences, inexhaustible source of ideas, words, laughters and cooking experiments. With Nightbook she has transformed her earlier passion for clubbing into a job, as well as a justification to go dancing again. Always ready for travelling, she loves theatre, red wine and reading.

Francesca Uras - Designer

The creative soul of the team, she loves going dancing to Versilia venues. Fashion-addicted and on line shopaholic, she likes dogs and going to the cinema, she can’t live without cheesecakes! Her dream? Travelling coast-to-coast in the United States.

Lorenzo Bertolini – Back Office developer

Degree in computer science, he joins Nightbook team in July 2015. He can’t live without the sea, the rock-metal music and McChicken of Mc Donald's. His dream? Diving in Australia and living among koalas, kangaroos and emus!